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Need A Quick Bite?

We’ll pack it up, you pick it up.

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From small parties through to large corporate events, we are able to deliver our fresh authentic Indian cuisine for all occasions. Select a menu from our website and leave the rest to us!

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Local and fresh

At Bombay Fresh we believe that food should always be at the heart of the community.

This is why we always shop local. By sourcing the finest local produce available, we connect with the people we serve in more ways than one.


It’s an approach that brings people together, helps protect the environment due to reduced packaging, and always results in dishes that you will remember for a lifetime. Just what you need when you want to enjoy the vibrant blend of flavours and textures that you can only get when you eat local.

Catering for Corporate events 

No matter the size or scale of your event, we know that we can provide the authentic Indian cuisine and fresh flavours that make all the difference.

As a professional team with a true passion for what we do, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of our clients first. By getting to know exactly what you need, and then executing everything flawlessly with the benefit of our years of experience, we provide the all-inclusive service that really does make the difference.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

To experience a fresh approach to corporate catering that provides the peace of mind money can’t buy, simply get in touch with our dedicated team today!

Charity and Fundraising events

At Bombay Fresh we know that giving back and bringing people together is what really makes a difference in the local community.

It’s why we want to reach out and work with you, no matter your needs, guest list, or budget so that we can find a solution that works for everyone.

We see it as our chance to continue to help build a community we can all be proud of, and it’s a chance for you to experience the difference that only authentic cuisine can make.

To hear more about how we can work together for the benefit of the community, get in touch with our team today.

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Great for home entertaining and perfect for all those occasions when you have visitors around and don't have time to cook.

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Authentic Indian cuisine in Nottingham est 1995.

With 25 years’ of catering industry experience, combined with a passion for quality ingredients and authentic cooking  we take pride in every dish we serve.

Whether you want to sample our current dishes, or try a a unique new recipe, we offer a traditional experience that's always bursting with flavour.

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generation ownership

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Bombay Sweet Centre is located in the heart of Nottingham.

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